AP 130: Naming of Schools

Administration of Policy and Legislation


The Superintendent supports the involvement of the school community in the naming of new schools or in renaming of existing schools.


1. The Superintendent shall establish a School Naming Committee at least sixteen (16) months in advance of the opening of a new school.

1.1. The School Naming Committee shall bring a recommendation to the Board at least twelve (12) months before the opening of the new school.

2. The School Naming Committee shall create a selection process that involves a representative cross-section of members who are staff and community stakeholders.

Naming Criteria

3. The process for school naming shall consider the following criteria:

3.1. The name (current or historical) of the community in which the school is located;

3.2. The name of the street on which the school is located;

3.3. The name of a significant event or place; either local, provincial, national or international;

3.4. The educational program intentions of the school; and/or

3.5. An option acceptable to the School Naming Committee.

4. The name shall not duplicate or partially use the name of other facilities within the Division’s jurisdiction.

5. The committee may consider the name of a specific historical figure, provided that very thorough research indicates no potential for future reprisal may be likely, based on the individual’s historical actions; caution should be exercised when naming schools after individuals.

6. The recommended names shall not be that of a current Board member or employee.

Board Approval

7. The committee shall bring one (1) recommendation forward to the Board for consideration.




Date Approved: April 6, 2022

Reference: Education Act: 195 

Reviewed or Revised:
Executive: April, 2022

References shall be updated as required and do not require additional approval.