AP 124: Council of School Councils

Administration of Policy and Legislation


A Council of School Councils (COSC) provides an opportunity for the Division’s school council membership to meet and share strategies and experiences. COSC enables effective communication among the School Councils, the Division, the Superintendent and the community.


1. The Board and Superintendent shall support the establishment of a COSC; the prime functions of COSC shall be to:

1.1. Provide an opportunity for School Councils to share matters of philosophy, policies and procedures relative to education;

1.2. Provide parents, staff and interested community members a vehicle through which to discuss significant matters relating to student learning;

1.3. Advise the Board regarding matters of common interest;

1.4. Enhance parental engagement through learning opportunities;

1.5. Share resources and information across School Councils; and

1.6. Develop meaningful connections between School Council Chairs and staff.

COSC Organization

2. An Organizational Meeting of COSC shall be held during September or October at the Centre for Education.

3. Meeting dates shall be set at the Organizational Meeting in consultation with the COSC chair and the Superintendent or designate.

4. The COSC shall meet at a minimum of five (5) times per year.

COSC Membership

5. Each School Council within the Division shall be a member of COSC.

6. Trustees, the Superintendent or designate, and school administrators shall be invitees to COSC meetings;

6.1. The role of Trustees, the Superintendent or designate(s) is to support and to provide information.

7. The membership of COSC shall choose a Chair, Vice-Chair, and other officers as needed at their annual Organizational Meeting.

8. The Chair shall:

8.1. Establish meeting agendas;

8.2. Communicate with the Superintendent or designate and the Board Chair or designate;

8.3. Forward agenda to the Superintendent’s office one (1) week prior to each meeting;

8.4. Facilitate the COSC meeting; and

8.5. Act as a spokesperson for the COSC.

9. The Vice-Chair shall assume the role of the Chair in the Chair’s absence.

10. The Superintendent shall provide a recording secretary for each COSC meeting as prudent to do so, who shall:

10.1. Ensure the recordings of the minutes of all COSC meetings and disburse these minutes to all COSC members;

10.2. Forward minutes to COSC members in a timely fashion;

10.3. Attach minutes to the final agenda for review before the meeting; and

10.4. Ensure copies of minutes are kept at Division Office for future reference.

COSC Meetings

11. The COSC meetings may include the following items:

11.1. Round table discussion of each School Council, (limited to their top two (2) items);

11.2. A Board report;

11.3. A Division Office report;

11.4. Learning opportunities for parents;

11.5. Emerging issues from School Council Chairs and meeting invitees;

11.6. Policy discussion;

11.7. Relevant Alberta Education news;

11.8. Provincial perspective from Alberta School Councils Association; and

11.9. Educational Plan perspectives for the Division.

12. The Superintendent or designate shall facilitate, with the COSC Chair, the meeting arrangements and agenda distribution in accordance with the following:

12.1. An initial email shall be sent out to all Division representatives, trustees, superintendents and School Council Chairs/Vice-Chairs asking for their input on the agenda with a two to three (2 to 3) week deadline;

13. Anyone bringing forth an agenda item must provide a summary or background and the COSC Chair will follow-up with a telephone call to discuss further.

14. The COSC Chair discusses agenda items with the Superintendent or designate prior to the meeting.

15. A reminder email is sent one (1) week prior to the deadline.

16. A final agenda is prepared and sent out three to five (3 to 5) days before the meeting.

17. The final agenda shall confirm the location of the meeting.



Date Approved: August 29, 2019

Education Act: 55

Reviewed or Revised:
Executive: August, 2019

References shall be updated as required and do not require additional approval.