AP 100: Administration of Policy and Legislation

Administration of Policy and Legislation


The Education Act section 52 allows for the Board to delegate certain of its responsibilities and powers to others.

Board Policy 11 authorizes the Superintendent to do any act or thing or to exercise any power that the Board may do, or is required to do, or may exercise, except those matters which, in accordance with section 52(4) of the Education Act cannot be delegated.

This delegation of authority to the Superintendent specifically:

  • Includes any authority or responsibility set out in the Education Act and regulations as well as authority or responsibility set out in other legislation or regulations;
  • Includes the ability to enact administrative procedures, practices or regulations required to carry out this authority; and also
  • Includes the ability to sub-delegate this authority and responsibility as required

The operational administration of Policy and Provincial or Federal Legislation is defined and legislated through the Division’s Administrative Procedures.

All staff are expected to hold a competent familiarity of the Board’s Policies and the Division’s Administrative Procedures and engage in conduct in full accordance with all Policies and Procedures.


Parkland School Division’s Administrative Procedures utilize definitions that may be commonly understood by some, but not all. The following definitions shall apply throughout all Administrative Procedures:

a) Board: shall mean the Board of Trustees of Parkland School Division.

b) Designate: shall mean a subordinate staff member designated to perform a task or function as an alternate to the person assigned the task or function.

c) Education Act: shall refer to the Education Act of Alberta and accompanying provincial regulations.

d) Principal or Site Supervisor: shall refer to an individual who has responsibility for a particular school or business site.

e) Schedule: shall refer to supplementary material attached to any Administrative Procedure for the purpose of increasing procedural understanding.

f) School: shall refer to a school operated by Parkland School Division.

g) School Administration: shall refer to the school Principal and/or the school Assistant Principal.

h) School Division or The Division: shall refer to Parkland School Division. Parkland School Division 100 – Administration of Board Policy

i) Student: shall refer to a registered student of Parkland School Division.

j) Superintendent: shall refer to the Chief Superintendent of Schools for Parkland School Division.

Notwithstanding these definitions, where required, Administrative Procedures may specifically define terms to provide clarity that directly relates to that Administrative Procedure.


Administrative Procedures shall be organized in consideration of the following:

1. 100s – Administrative Procedures that address the administration of Policy and/or Legislation

2. 200s – Administrative Procedures that address Instruction and Assessment

3. 300s – Administrative Procedures that address School Organization and Culture

4. 400s – Administrative Procedures that address Personnel and Employment

5. 500s – Administrative Procedures that address Corporate Services and Finance

6. 600s – Administrative Procedures that address Communication and Technology

7. 700s – Administrative Procedures that address Health and Safety

8. 800s – Administrative Procedures that address Transportation

9. 900s – Administrative Procedures that address Facilities




Date Approved: September 17, 2019 

Education Act: 33, 52

Reviewed or Revised:
Executive: September, 2019