6th Annual Try-Me Try-Athlon

Event, Wellness

May 4, 2022 - Parkland School Division is pleased to announce that the Try-Me Try-Athlon will make its long-awaited return this June. The 6th incarnation of this popular event will call back to its roots as an all-outdoor race set in Stony Plain.

Date: Friday, June 3
Time: 9:30am Check-In; 10:30am Warm Up; 11am Race Start
Location: Stony Plain Outdoor Pool & Stony Plain Central School (5210 55th Ave, Stony Plain)

The Try-Me Try-Athlon is a Kids of Steel (KOS) triathlon, which will be held on Friday, June 3 at the Stony Plain Outdoor Pool and Stony Plain Central School. KOS Triathlons are designed to offer youth the opportunity to experience the sport of triathlon in a positive environment. The distances are much shorter than those in adult triathlons and change as participants mature.

This event is a district-wide celebration of physical literacy and movement in 2022 using these three skills: swimming, bicycling and running. All children ages 5 and up are welcome to register for this event with the support of their classroom or school-based teacher, and with a responsible adult available to attend the entire event. The Try-Athlon will encourage students to train with their schools and at home in order to learn new physical skills and movements that will allow them to feel more competent and confident in multiple environments. All this for a small registration fee.

This year's event will look something like the one that started it all. The inaugural 2015 Try-Me Try-Athlon was also held in and around the Stony Plain Outdoor Pool, albeit using different running and biking routes than the ones planned for 2022. To get a rough idea of what the 6th Try-Me Try-Athlon will look like, check out the following video:

How to Register

All registration and fees will be handled in the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

Prior to registering for the Try-Athlon, make sure you have:

  • Made arrangements with a classroom teacher for your child to partake in the Try-Me Try-Athlon, including plans for missed assignments or work. 
  • Notified the school office of the planned excused absence. 
  • Prepared to be in attendance for the duration of the event, or made arrangements for a trusted adult to attend and be responsible for your child in your stead.

Registration Fees

Individual students may register to participate in all three legs of the race for $35 per person.

Optional Choose a Race Leg - Students can register as part of a 3-person team. Each team member will complete one discipline of the race - either swimming, bicycling or running. Team members can register for the race for $15 each.

Please note: 

  • Even though a student may be signing up to participate in one sport of the Try-Athlon, a registrant who chooses the $15 individual entry must register as a member of a 3-person team.
  • All participants must be registered online prior to the event. We will not be accepting in-person registrations on race day.
  • Space is limited to 300 participants, and this event has filled up quickly in previous years. Please register early to reserve your spot.

Race Requirements

If you're attending or in the neighbourhood during the race, please anticipate heavy traffic in and around the Stony Plain Central School & SML Academy area. Parking will be available along 52nd Street and 55th Avenue, and in the Glenn Hall Arena lot. NO PARKING for Try-Athlon attendees will be allowed in the Stony Plain Central School lots.

Required Equipment

You can enter the Try-Athlon with a minimum of equipment. All you need in your race kit is:

  • A bike (either road or mountain bike)
  • An approved helmet (ANSI or SNELL)
  • Running shoes
  • Swim suit or shorts
  • Goggles (if desired)
  • T-shirt (supplied) or race singlet for boys
  • smile and a desire to have fun

Transition Area Equipment

A race kit is composed of all the items you will need during the race. The following items are to be kept in the transition area during the race:

Required Transition Area Equipment Recommended Transition Area Equipment
  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Shoes
  • Race Number (Boys - with shirt)
  • Required equipment, plus
  • Towel
  • Hat
  • Water Bottle

Race Kit Drop-Off

Participants are to drop off their race kits at the Stony Plain Outdoor Pool on race day, beginning at 9:30am.

More Information

To learn more about the Try-Athlon and to register, please visit our Try-Me Try-Athlon page.

For more information contact:
Miranda Niebergall
PSD Social Emotional Facilitator
Phone: 780-221-4564
Email: miranda.niebergall@psd.ca

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