Executive Leadership Team

Our Executive Leadership team is made up of the Superintendent of Schools, the Deputy Superintendent and 3 Associate Superintendents.

As a team, we provide assistance to the Board of Trustees, school principals, and Centre for Education directors, and support staff.

The Executive Leadership team works closely with the Board of Trustees, creating policy for Board consideration and carrying out the plans established by the Board.

The Executive Leadership Team:

  • Articulates the Division’s direction
  • Provides information to all levels of management in the system 
  • Monitors and supervises education programs, service results, and student results
  • Provides school principals with advice and assistance to improve the quality of services to students and parents

Our team also manages the division services, such as personnel selection and evaluation, resource allocation, student transportation, and facility services.

Message from the Superintendent

May 15, 2020

Parkland School Division Superintendent, Shauna Boyce, provides a brief update to students, staff and parents. PSD is showing it's true colours amid the COVID-19 global pandemic as time and time again, everyone has shown tremendous resiliency in continuing student learning from home. Well done everybody!


Executive Leadership

Shauna Boyce

Superintendent of Schools

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a photo of Shauna Boyce

Mark Francis

Deputy Superintendent

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Scott M. Johnston

Associate Superintendent

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Scott McFadyen

Associate Superintendent, Corporate Supports & Services

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Dr. Meghan Miskolzie

Associate Superintendent

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